Jobi's Blox, Soft Building Blocks for Infant Early Learning, Educational and Sensory Toy (80-Piece Set)

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GROW WITH JOBI & BEA - Our soft building blocks provide a colorful visual experience as well as a soft touch that engages all five senses throughout the learning process. Jobi & Bea encourages children to have fun while learning in a safe environment by stimulating creativity, improving teamwork, and developing motor skills. We empower our children to be team players and think outside the box.

ADAPTABLE USAGE - The soft, long-lasting stacking blocks can be used in day care, at home, and in preschool. The size and design of the block, makes it easier for small hands to hold and grasp when building and creating. Recommended for ages 6 months and up.

INCREASE IMAGINATION  - Babies and toddlers will be able to obtain creative stimulation by imagining castles, cities, houses, roads, and vehicles. Toddlers and children will be able to learn about balance, colors, measurements, patterns, shapes, and sizes.

EARLY DEVELOPMENT  - Jobi's Soft Building Blocks are designed to boost your child's cognitive development, imagination, and motor skills, resulting in a more enjoyable learning experience. The various colored stacking blocks and sizes aid in the development of a baby's and toddler's color cognition and visual development.


16 and 18 months - Your toddler may be able to stack three blocks on top of each other between the ages of 16 and 18 months. To build a tower, your child must line up and balance one block on top of the other, releasing it at just the right time so that it does not fall.

18 and 22 months - Your toddler may build a four-block tower between the ages of 18 and 12 months, then stack up to six blocks a little later. Building a tower together may become an especially enjoyable challenge at this point, and knocking it down is often a triumphant way to celebrate.

23 and 26 months - Around 23-26 months, your child may begin practicing alignment by imitating you if you line up a few blocks end-to-end in a row. Now is an excellent time to sit with your child and let them imitate your construction, thereby developing motor skills!

3 Years - When children reach the age of three, their block play becomes more creative and imaginative. They begin to construct towers, arches, tunnels, and more elaborate structures. They'll create roads, paths, and patterns by sorting the blocks. Your child may even begin to tell stories about their construction and act out scenes from their life.

4 Years + - Even as they get older and have more opportunities to practice thinking and communicating, children still benefit from playing with blocks.

Because blocks have universal appeal, they are ideal for mixed-age groups. They also provide opportunities to practice 21st-century skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication. Preschool and early elementary teachers enjoy incorporating blocks in science, language arts, and social studies, and even math.


Key Benefits:

  • When playing with blocks, children can create structures from their imaginations that did not previously exist or recreate a template that inspires them. This helps them to express themselves artistically. Building blocks also allow children to practice problem-solving skills in a creative way.
  • Children improve their hand-eye coordination while reaching for blocks, stacking blocks, and making blocks fit together; They also strengthen their fingers and hands. Block building aids in the development of motor skills in kindergarten and primary school children. It also helps them develop skills in design, representation, balance, and stability.
  • Children can make friends and learn to cooperate by playing blocks with other children. When attempting to construct difficult structures, children can learn how to collaborate and problem solve as a group.
  • Building blocks help children develop cognitive skills in a variety of areas, including math, spatial reasoning, and literacy/language.

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